About Us

ZimAuto is an online platform for buying and selling cars across Zimbabwe! ZimAuto makes up part of the wider Propertybook group that has over 8 years’ experience in building websites and servicing online users. Within the group there is a considerable skill set to draw from and ZimAuto is EXCITED to introduce, and KEEP developing, the best auto platform that brings the right motor vehicle buyers and sellers together.

We believe the process of buying and selling cars should be simpler! Why not, with the latest tools and technology? At ZimAuto, we pride ourselves on our simple, user-friendly platform and excellent customer service. We offer free standard listing services for car owners and various paid for features to increase the visibility of your listings.

With over 300,000 monthly website visitors across our group we will be leveraging our userbase onto ZimAuto. We look forward to ZimAuto becoming the leading Vehicle website in Zimbabwe!